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The Future of Smart Home & What it Means for Real Estate

Posted by Jennie Castillo on February 13, 2017 in No Category
From the Amazon Echo to Nest - the brands of the once fringe smart home market are now part of our everyday vernacular. Visit to learn about all things smart home.**Subscribe to Coldwell Banker On Location: other videos on Coldwell Banker On Location: more on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter Blog: ... read more
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Buyers are Searching for YOUR House

Content Courtesy of: Keeping Current Matters - For Sellers, Housing Market Updates
Posted by Jennie Castillo on February 09, 2017 in  Buyers  Keeping Current Matters  Real Estate  Sellers
The most recent Pending Homes Sales Index from the National Association of Realtors revealed a slight bump in contracts with an increase of 1.6% in December. This news comes as existing home sales are also forecasted to be on pace for 5.54 million in 2017, a 1.7% increase over 2016, which was the best year for sales in a decade. The Pending Home Sales Index is a leading indicator for the housing sector, based on pending sales of existing homes. A sale is listed as pending ... read more
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More Love, Less Clutter: A Guide to Moving in Together

Content Courtesy of: NorthStar Moving Co-Founder Laura McHolm & Coldwell Banker Blue Matter Blog
Posted by Jennie Castillo on February 09, 2017 in  Coldwell Banker Blue Matter Blog  Couple  Home  Love  Moving  Moving in Together  Relationship
It’s sweetheart month and you’ve found the one! Sure there’s music, trumpets and fireworks, but mostly it’s just about finding that someone who you want to share your remote control. When you find that special someone that feels like home, moving in together is often the next step. While cohabitation is an exciting step forward in any relationship, merging two homes, decor styles and closets can be a challenge. Moving in with your significant other is more than ... read more
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